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Michael Judge - "Vintage America" Exhibit

Exhibit:  March 8 – April 1   •   Reception: March 10, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
First-time the “Vintage America” exhibit will be shown in the United States

Michael Judge (1943-2021)

Michael Judge is an internationally acclaimed artist and photographer known for his technique in creating striking images. A native of Washington, D.C., he naturally found himself immersed in the art provided by the museums of that great city. This early testament to the Masters drove him to become an avant-garde artist and photographer.

His collectors are drawn to his original and memorable visual images, which can be seen in major collections throughout the world, including President George W. Bush, Senator Edward Kennedy, and Senator Robert Dole.

Judge also held the distinction of being the only artist chosen to create the 1976/1977 Congressional Calendar for the Bicentennial of the United States of America, of which 8 million were printed and distributed worldwide.

He has also successfully made a documentary film, “Tips,” which delves into the world of an American Waitress. His memoir “Captured Horizons: An Artist’s Journey” has garnered high praise from critics and a wide range of readers, securing him a 2009 Independent Publisher Book Award.

Sadly, Michael died in 2021, but his artistic legacy goes on. For the first time, the “Vintage America” exhibition is being shown in the United States at The Art Association of Henry County. The exhibition looks at the rugged individualism that adds to America’s complexities. Capturing a rare moment in time allows you to eavesdrop on a visually captivating journey spanning four decades across the back roads of America while enjoying a new style of painting Judge created called “PenturaVision.”

“‘PenturaVision’ is a process of painting which gives the ability to capture my vision from a deeper and dormant place in my mind. By marrying different media, I can achieve a higher level in my art. The greatest benefit of ‘PenturaVision’ though is the ability to create depth which allows one to ‘fall into the story’ and enjoy the magic of art.” – Michael Judge

Vintage America

“It is compelling and refreshingly innovative in its artistic execution while spectacularly telling the ‘true story of a disappearing America.” PenturaVision – Michael Judge (

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