Mary Morris Summer Art Days

Amamzon Rainforest

2020 Mary Morris Summer Art Days’ instruction will focus on  the theme of “Amazon Rainforest”. Instructors Erica Bishop, Austin Custer, Angela Dishman, Stacey Maupin Torres and Janet McGuire will guide young artists to develop their own artistic creations through planned projects. The students will create art utilizing mediums and methods experienced through pottery, painting, design, drawing, 3D project elements, & more.

Program A – ages 8 – 17 

June 15, 16, 17, 25 & 26

9am – 2pm

$60/$50 AAHC members

   For the 9 am to 2 pm camp dates, we ask that you      please provide a sack lunch for your child.

Program B – ages 5 to 8

June 22, 23 & 24


$45/$35 AAHC members

Program C – ages 3 to 5

June 19


$25/$15 AAHC members

Summer Mural Camp

Every summer Ed Tarantino and Steve Weidert teach a camp in large mural painting. Participants are all middle and high school students. It is a two week camp and the registration fee is $35. Students will learn how to reproduce their original artwork onto the side of a building. Dates for the camp have not been determined yet, but it is usually the first two weeks of June. All supplies are provided by the AAHC.

Please call 765.529.2634 to register your child for our summer art camps