The Art of Painting Flowers, In the Vase or in the Landscape

Pam C. Newell - Flowers In A Vase Painting

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Pam C. Newell, OPA, AIS, NOAPS

Flowers are beloved but can be challenging to paint.

In this workshop learn to capture the gesture and essence of this beautiful, but fleeting subject. Discover how light creates form and so much more! Pam will conduct a demonstration of how to depict the essence of florals with a tone and wipe approach and how to set up your subject for success. Day two will allow students to continue painting and refining their skills from life, or paint from their own garden landscape photo. We will discuss floral painting art as inspired by the Masters; and discuss values and chroma, hard and soft edges, transparent vs. opaque color, focal point, brushwork, palette knife and more. There will be lots of individual attention in a relaxed stress free environment.

Bring a favorite vase, container or pitcher, and your favorite fresh flowers and foliage (cut or in pots) to enhance the offerings. If painting from your own garden photos, it’s best to view and work with them on an iPad or laptop computer.
For any class questions: E-mail Pam with any questions:
Open To All Skill Levels: Open to all skill levels and styles; some drawing or painting experience is recommended.

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