AAHC Rentals

The Arts Park  and Art Center are available for rent for parties, meetings, weddings, reunions, or other events. Not for profit rates are available.

Facilities Available:

The Art Park &  Pavilion | The Gallery | The Studio | Shaffer Studio Follow this procedure:

Contact the Art Association of Henry County


  1. Call the Art Association of Henry County to check availability.  If the date is available, a hold will be placed for 3 weeks.
  2. You can either come by the Art Center for a rental agreement or download the form here Rental Agreement.
  3. The Rental Fee Agreement and Deposit must be returned to the Art Center within 3 weeks to guarantee the reservation.
  4. The Rental Fee is due 90 days prior to the event.
Table and Chair Rental Park and Pavilion (optional):
  1. There are 23 round tables (60′ seating 8) and 8 banquet tables (8′) and 200 folding chairs available to rent.  Tables rent for $7 each, and chairs $1 each.  Rental fees for tables and chairs are due the day before the event and can be paid for when the keys are picked up.
Table and Chair Rental Gallery and Studio:
  1. There are banquet tables (6′) and chairs available in each of these venues.  There is no charge unless extra tables and chairs are requested.  The extra table and chairs are $7 per table and $1 per chair.
Due Date, Deposit Return, and Cancellation Policy:
  1. If the event is canceled 90 days before the event date, AAHC will refund half (1/2) of the deposit.  If the event is canceled less than 90 days before the event date, AAHC will retain all of the deposit.
  2. If the even is canceled less than 90 days before the event date, AAHC will retain the rental fee.
  3. No refunds will be given due to inclement weather.


Private Events:
  • Gallery: $100.00 + $50.00 damage deposit
  • Upstairs Studio: $50.00 + $25.00 damage deposit
  • Arts Park & Pavilion:
    • Saturdays: $500.00 + $300.00 damage deposit
    • Fridays: $400.00 + $300.00 damage deposit
    • Sunday – Thursday: $200.00 + $300.00 damage deposit
    • If alcohol is sold: $1000.00 + $1000.00 damage deposit (License, insurance, security is required)
    • Additional $60 charge for parties over 200 guests
Non-Profit Meetings:
  • Gallery: $30.00
  • Upstairs Studio: $25.00
  • Arts Park & Pavilion: Private Event Rates
*All prices are subject to change.